Match 4 -BM- Premium -CLIPDOWN  SRT PENNEL  rigs

Match 4 -BM- Premium -CLIPDOWN SRT PENNEL rigs


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Premium range- Clipdown SRT Pennel rig. Armed with best quality E660 2/0 & 4/0 Long Big Mouth Aberdeens. A distance clipdown rig for Rays, Bass & Cod.Our own in-house rigs.The "Premium" brand rigs are now designed and built in-house using only the finest of our brands, VMC, Mustad, Breakaway products. These rigs are designed to cover all aspects of shore fishing in the uk. Where Flatfish, Bass, Cod & Rays are the prime species.

Product Features:

Trace body 80lb,30lb Amnesia snoods.3mm lumi beads, SRT spring, Nickel rolling swivel,stand off tubing, Breakaway Impact shield & Oval split ring.
Clipdown Type
Breakaway Impact Shield
Taster-1 x rig
Breakaway Impact Shield
5 x rigs
Breakaway Impact Shield
10 x Rigs

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