Island FLATTIE Rig -BR3

Island FLATTIE Rig -BR3


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3 X Hook flowing trace. This rig is ideal for scratching about on the bottom for Flatties and especially Dabs. The beads and sequins are an effective visual attraction; for use with worm baits. *** I had a 2lb 15oz Sole using these rigs on Monday night (the 4th of October, 100yds off Cowes waterfront) using the "Islander" 6-12lb boat Rod. It bent in half and didn't stop jumping about until it was netted.

Product Features:

3 x Size 1/0 Circle streamer match hooks with ultra sharp points at the business end .Green/Black beads or roller tubes. Nickel crane swivel. BUILT IN-HOUSE USING OUR OWN QUALITY COMPONENTS.
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1 Taster rig to try
Circle streamer match
5 x rigs
Circle streamer match
10 x rigs
Circle streamer match

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